Nigeria: Special Report - Shuwari: Neglected Borno Community Without School, Water, Health Facilities

Monday, February 12, 2018

At age 82, Bulama Kalla, a retired village head of Shuwari-Tomri, has no better place to relax on a hot day than under the big Jujube tree which is directly facing the community's central mosque.
It is noon, and the rebellious sun has again defied the cold harmattan weather, heating up the chilly atmosphere that keeps every resident of the dusty village indoors from dusk to dawn.
It is January; one dares the cold at night. The best way for the elderly and the kids to avoid flu or pneumonia is to remain indoors till the sun is up and the shadows cast directly under the feet of the trees. But due to the dynamics of climate change, the weather has become very unstable of late: cold at night and hot in the day.