Lagos State Health Sector: Task before next governor

Friday, February 15, 2019

Mrs Victoria Iheme’s son was born with a testis abnormally located outside the scrotum and so needed a surgery for correction. From the Health Centre where she lives in Ikorodu, she was refered to Ikorodu General Hospital for surgery. There and then her trouble began.
According to her, “I came to this Ikorodu General Hospital for almost two months before it was my son’s turn to see the consultant. After seeing the consultant at the surgical section, we were given 2 weeks appointment. The two weeks appointment became a routine with series of tests, scan and xray. It took almost 2 years before my son was eventually booked for surgery. Just when we thought the stress was ending, they said they couldnt find his folder. I was devastated. The doctor refused to attend to him with a temporary file but insisted we start afresh with diagnosis or provide copies of all his tests results which we didnt have. We were later advised by a particular friendly doctor to bribe the staff working at the card room to help us out. That wasn’t strange as I’ve heard about the bribery and corruption going on in public hospitals. Surprisingly, after tipping one of them, my son’s case file was found.”
The long and short of Mrs Iheme’s story is that her son’s surgery was successful but not without her quarreling with one of the doctors who gave them another one month appointment instead of just rebooking the boy for surgery. As a pay back, the doctor she quarreled with, extended her son’s surgery by another one month.
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