“Nigeria is in big problem” – UK-based Nigerian doctor warns

Friday, June 15, 2018

A UK-based Nigerian doctor, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo, has decried the huge number of Nigerian doctors seeking greener pastures abroad.
Olufunmilayo, who practises in Leeds, said about 1,000 Nigerian doctors passed the Plab1 exam in March 2018 to enable them practice in the UK.
The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) had in January 2018 said that there were 4,000 patients to one doctor in Nigeria, describing the trend as unacceptable.
Olufunmilayo, who took to his Twitter handle, explained that four million Nigerian patients would be denied access to a doctor should the 1,000 doctors leave Nigerian shores.
He said, “In March, about 1,500 doctors wrote the Plab1 exam to work in the UK and about 1,000 passed. In a country that 1 doctor cares for about 4,000 patients; losing 1,000 doctors means 4million Nigerians will find it harder to see a doctor. We are playing with fire as a nation.
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