Bill Gates’ Foundation Inaugurates Family-Planning Unit In Ibafon PHC

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative  (NURHI) 2, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project, on Monday inaugurated a family planning unit at the Ibafon Primary Health Centre in Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA, Lagos State.
NURHI 2 put the family planning unit put in place under a “72-hour Family Planning Clinic Make-Over’’ project from 50 selected primary health centres (PHC) and hospitals in Lagos.
Dr Omosanjuwa Edun, NURHI-2 Lagos team leader, speaking during the inauguration of the clinic  said the organisation promoted the use of family planning in the LGAs and communities where they were working.
“For us to promote the use of family planning services, we have to upgrade these facilities to the basic standards that they should be.
“In so doing, the providers will be able to deliver optimal quality of services to clients and patients.
“Ibafon PHC is one of the 50 PHCs that we are working on in Lagos; in a family planning unit, the ideal setting is that you have a counseling and procedure unit.
“This is to ensure privacy in delivery of services because we understand the sensitivity of family planning; we have been able to put that in place here.’’
Edun said, “Also, when we get to a facility, we look at the amenities that surround maternal and newborn services at the PHC.
“We noticed that the state of Ibafon PHC  labour room was not conducive, so we worked on it to make it better; we laid new floor tiles  and re-painted the waiting room.
“All these were done within 72 hours; it is a strategy not to disrupt the normal clinic activities in a facility; so, work starts on Friday evening and is completed on Sunday, for inauguration on Monday morning.
“In all of these, local artisans in the community were used to execute the project.
“The World Health Committees in the communities, as well as community members supervised the works to ensure that they were done to specification,’’ Edun said.