Danish Minister Says Giving Africans Birth Control Will Limit Migration To Europe

Friday, July 14, 2017

It wasn’t enough that French President Macron believes Africa is a country, now a Danish minister believes contraceptives are the cure for Africa’s migration problem. On Tuesday, Denmark pledged more funds for family planning in developing nations – particularly Africa – saying this could help “limit the migration pressure on Europe”. Yes, the cure for war and political turmoil is a condom.
Speaking at a press conference in London, Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation, Ulla Tornaes, said unwanted pregnancies had “enormous” human and social costs in the world’s poorest nations. Tornaes said 225 million women in the world’s poorest countries do not currently have access to family planning.
“Unwanted pregnancies have enormous human costs in developing countries – from very young women who must give up their basic education, maternal mortality,” she said. The minister said this “also has large social costs, where many countries’ development step is limited by high population growth”.
It’s true that contraception and family planning services need to be more accessible but its paternalistic AF for Denmark as a first world country to diagnose “African” problems to suit their own personal agendas.

After all, how will decreasing unwanted pregnancies decrease migrational pressures in Europe? This is a gross oversimplification of migration all over the world – but particularly in Africa.
People migrate for a plethora of serious reasons. Many African migrants are fleeing war-torn countries or countries steeped in political turmoil. In authoritarian countries like Ethiopia, government cracks down on protests with brutal force, killing citizens; Somalia is considered a failed state; Kenya faces terrorist attacks from Al-Shabaab; Tanzania and Uganda have dangerous anti-homosexual laws; ethnic and religious tensions have caused deadly clashes and disputes over land and resources in Nigeria – to name a few.
But sure, let’s just say Africans are fleeing overpopulation.
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