Family Planning For Better Living

Sunday, January 2, 2022

The ongoing focus at the national level on family planning and population control in Nigeria could not have come at a more audacious time. In one or two decades from now, Nigeria will become the third most populous country, coming after China and India. And already, there is a big strain on the family regarding living condition, state of health, educational placements, job opportunities, child mortality and related issues. Population can be an asset, if it is in harmony with developmental goals; just as it can be a liability if it is not reconciled with resources and work opportunities. The population projection is scary, particularly because having geometric population explosion without a visible corresponding socio-economic growth is a liability that could only spell doom for the country at no distant future. The necessity to put in place control measures to keep the country’s population growth in check and manage population growth for the benefit of all cannot be overemphasized. One way of managing population is the adoption of family planning (FP), which also prevents maternal and child mortality. Family planning refers to a woman’s ability to choose if and when she becomes pregnant and continues that pregnancy to term. It helps ensure that pregnancies occur at the healthiest time of a woman’s life, and these pregnancies are wanted and planned.
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