Investigative trip to Model Clinic, Paiko Niger State

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
TCI visit to Model Clinic, Paiko Niger State

Media Forum in Niger State instituted by the Development Communications Network and The challenge initiative team arrived at model clinic, paiko at paikoro local government in Niger State on the 19th of May, 2020. The team were welcomed by Mrs Marcus Sarah, the family planning provider in the facility.

Mrs Sarah Marcus Introduced the team to other health workers in the facility and also told the team the services rendered by the clinic, methods used and procedures involved in becoming a patient at the facility.

When asked if there are side effects of family planning, she said on rare cases because the body system of each Person differs.
In situations where there are side effects it is mostly associated with bleeding but it is nothing serious and the body would adjust over time.
Mrs Sarah said the patronage by the Villagers dropped recently due to the presence of COVID-19.
She also spoke about the challenges experienced so far that some products ain’t available to be used by the clinic for patients. Due to this issue, some methods in family planning are not practiced. She stated that the amount of single ladies that practice family planning in the community are low.

She added that the facility needs the assistance of the government to provide water facilities like Bore holes , and also rebuild a part of the structure in the facility that has dilapidated.