Media Advocacy Support fo NURHI on Family Planning

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DEVCOMS has been responsible for Media Advocacy on NURHI Project. We engaged in series of activities to secure buy-in and regular usage of Family Planning reportage and stories in the media. These include advocacy visits to media owners and managers in project sites, sensitization workshops and capacity building for journalists. We also organized media appearances from time to time to commemorate key National days (e.g. World Population Day, MNCH Week, Safe Motherhood etc) as well as for stakeholders such as prominent religious leaders and elected representatives who publicly declared their support for Family Planning. We have also embarked on monthly media appearances aimed at increasingly projecting Family Planning in the media space. Furthermore, DEVCOMS has facilitated the production of a programme on radio which ran for a quarter – Community Voices. Community Voices is aimed at informing the public about the benefits of family planning and encouraging its use among the listening public.

As a result of DEVCOMS advocacy and training activities, media coverage on electronic (Radio, TV) and print media on Reproductive Health and Family Planning reportage has significantly increased in the six sites (Abuja FCT, Ilorin, Kaduna and Ibadan, Benin and Zaria). Consequently, awareness about Family Planning has increased in the sites (and neighbouring states), and opportunities have been given to the viewing and listening public to correct myths and misconceptions that they have harboured over the years about Family Planning. The media chats we facilitate on air have boosted the confidence of women and men on making Family Planning choices as it also features role models such as religious and traditional leaders in the society who speak in favour of Family Planning. Various initiatives have also sprung from our advocacy activities such as documentary on Family Planning and free Public Service Announcement on “Get-It-Together” – the Family Planning slogan on this project.