Most women don’t regret after having abortion – Study

Monday, January 13, 2020

A new research has found that most women feel ‘relieved’ and don’t ‘regret’ their decision after having an abortion.
The study, which was described by a CNN report as one of the largest to date on the topic, was published Sunday in the journal Social Science & Medicine.
Also, about 25 per cent of all pregnancies ended in an induced abortion, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Researchers say there has been an assumption that women will regret having an abortion.
But they said the groups of women surveyed described as relieved how they felt each time they were asked about it.
According to the study, researchers came to this conclusion after surveying nearly 1,000 women, and following up with them 11 times over a period of five years.
Five years after having an abortion, a majority of women surveyed – 84 per cent – had positive emotions or no emotions whatsoever about their abortion decision.
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