Nigerians living with HIV discuss stigmatisation in hospitals

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

People Living With HIV (PLWHIV) said they experience discrimination from doctors and health workers at health facilities in Nigeria.
They also decried the level of stigmatisation that they encounter on a regular basis.
The South-West Zonal Coordinator for the Network of People Living With HIV in Nigeria (NEPWHAN), Abiola Ajani, said Nigerian doctors and health workers have devised ways to discriminate against PLWHIV.
She said the stigma and discrimination in health facilities affect PLWHIV adherence to treatment.
“Stigmatisation is more from the health workers who have been saddled with the responsibility to manage these people.
“Sometimes I wonder, if we have this level of stigmatisation in Lagos, then what is happening in the rural areas or states.
“For example, about six months ago, a pregnant woman who is one of us went for antenatal care and a doctor who had been checking other patients without hand sanitiser claimed she could not palpate the pregnant woman because she (the Doctor) did not have a hand sanitiser.
“The patient felt bad because the same doctor was attending to other patients without hand sanitiser.
“HIV can’t be contracted by touching someone. So if a doctor can act like this, what do you think others will do?
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